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Full Arch Rehabilitation

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Full Arch Rehabilitation is what CARDAE Dental is all about.  Sometimes it's best to keep some teeth and restore them along side dental implants.  Other times you need to work on a budget and dental implants are a less costly option.  

CARDAE Dental specializes in taking time and treatment planning your current and long term success with your treatment options.  

Watch our videos on YOUTUBE to get an idea of how our process works.

Full Arch Rehabilitation Timeline

First Appointment

Treatment Planning Session

Picture and a 3D X-ray image is taken along with your Medical/Dental History to discuss your current and long term needs.  The discussion will include discussing our proprietary 27 point assessment worksheet, timelines, procedure education and  finances of all treat options.

2nd Appointment

Usually this is a surgical appointment and is carried out according to the personalized treatment plan discussed and decided upon at the first appointment.  Treatment times vary but they take typically 2-3 hrs.

3rd and Final Appointments

Depending on healing times for the procedures carried out at the 2nd appointment, this series of appointments usually involve the final teeth (prosthetics) to be placed.

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