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Root Canal

Dental Implants

Affordable pricing makes dentistry happen

You will be amazed at how simple dental implant treatments can be.  

The typical dental implant placement takes only 30 -45 minutes.  With nearly 20 years of experience and thousands of implants placed, you know you are getting it done right!

CARDAE Dental can place any implant you or your dentist would like.  Pricing may change depending on the brand of choice.  Our pricing reflects the implants we use only.  

Single Implant Replacement Affordable Cost

Single tooth replacements for the affordable price of $2195.  We have been placing implants for this price for nearly over 10 yrs.  Patient's appreciate it and our implant costs have not gone up so CARDAE Dental wants to keep a good thing going, for everyone.  Besides the lack of increased dental implant costs, we have reduced staff by not accepting dental insurance to keep the pricing lower than most.

SORRY, NO dental insurance accepted at CARDAE Dental.  If you have dental insurance, if will be best used with your general care dentist, such as for cleanings, crowns, fillings, etc.  It's unlikely your "dental insurance" covers dental implant and grafts.  

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